X&G – Home (Feat. kidä)

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I love trap music. Not just the massive records that start the mosh pits, but also the slower and more relaxed trap. This latest record from X&G featuring kidä is a perfect example of the variety that dance music has to offer. Trap is commonly perceived as the records that get played at the mosh section of festivals and in many ways that is true. But in reality the trap genre has much more to offer.

X&G are very new to the game. So new that they have under 400 likes on Facebook, no biography and no pictures of who they are. But thanks to Trapdoor Records they provided this description in the soundcloud description,

It’s a commendable ethos for a constantly evolving electronic music scene, to avoid any specific genre or trend & stand alone with a unique sound. The Salt Lake City pair do exactly this with the ‘4am’ EP, a 5 track collection that displays the versatile yet cohesive sound X&G have to offer.


Oliver Dumoulin

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Oliver Dumoulin

UX design intern priceline.com, student at SCAD, creative director of Knacks and founder of Casulin.

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