Watch Tiësto Accept His First Grammy Award [Video]

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Receiving your first Grammy Award is easily a top moment in any artists life… but I’m sure, when you imagine it, that you’re ascending to the stage amidst thousands of clapping peers and on national television. Unfortunately, electronic music has yet to make it that far, but that didn’t stop Tiësto from handling the moment like a seasoned pro.

This past Sunday, at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, Tiësto was awarded his first Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, thanks to his remix of John Legend‘s “All of You”. Tijs gives a heartfelt speech to the unfamiliar room, thanking his management and everyone at ‘Team Tiësto’.

“Wow, thank you so much. Most people know me better as Tiësto, I guess, but Tijs Michiel Verwest is my real name. I made this remix last year spontaneously, to thank my fans. I made it for my birthday, that’s why it’s called the Tiësto’s Birthday remix, and John Legend heard it on my Facebook. I gave it away as a free download, without asking, and he liked it so much so he was like, let’s make it an official release, and that’s how this thing came together and now I’m receiving a Grammy for it, so unbelievable. Anything is possible nowadays, you know?”

Check out this incredible moment below and let us know: Do you think Electronic music will ever make it to the prime-time?

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