SZA, The First Lady of TDE

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If you don’t already know SZA, its a perfect time to get to know her. The beautiful and extremely talented SZA is young, freshly signed, and the first lady of TDE; The best part, her debut album, Z, is right around the corner, dropping in just a few days on April 8th. Now is the time to start listening to some of SZA’s best music to date and get to know the woman behind the name in preparation for her debut album. Recently SZA and ScHoolboy Q were interviewed together at The FADER FORT which really shows off SZA’s awesome personality.

SZA is more than just a beautiful face and a great personality though, she is one of the most talented young artists out there today. Now that she is signed to TDE, she will get the chance to expose the entire World to her great music. Everyone should definitely pick up her debut album, Z, on April 8th; In the mean time, here are a few of her very dope songs leading up to the album.

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