Salvatore ft. Enya & Alex Aris – Dive (Sean Turk Remix)

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Emir Kobilic, better known by his stage name Salvatore Ganacci, is a Swedish music producer who’s hit track “Dive” recently surpassed 3 million streams on Spotify and is making waves. In this track he sampled grammy award winning artist Enya from her classic song “Boadicea” and also layered in some one of a kind vocals from none other than Alex Aris. The track is incredibly powerful and will surely go down as an instant classic.

New York based producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Turk was recruited not one week after entering the scene by team Ingrosso to remix this masterpiece. The remix world premiered on FM Radio station POWER 100 in Tampa, Florida last weekend and this will also be Sean’s debut on a major label with Warner Music Group. Sean’s been popping around the dance music scene for less than 6 months now and he’s already released 5 stellar remixes that have collectively surpassed millions of plays. Thats not an easy feat for a young artist starting from nothing.

I’ve got no doubt in my mind that Sean Turk will become a household name in the near future, he’s got the drive and motivation to do big things and his music surely speaks for itself. Stream his remix of ‘Dive’ on Soundcloud below or add it to your weekend playlist on Spotify here.

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