Ricky Smith Drops New Music Video for “Good Days” ft. Jeremy Zucker

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Ricky Smith, a young talent out of Syracuse University, has definitely caught his stride. After finding his track “Good Days” on Spotify’s Viral Charts,  we think he’s poised to take the US by storm. Featuring his friend and fellow musician, Jeremy Zucker, the track is filled with good vibes and fantastic production. These young guns are good friends of the Casulin family and we support everything they are doing! Here’s a few words from the man himself:

Hey New Internet Friends!

This song/video is all about staying positive. In the face of adversity, specifically. And really, it’s about how the people around us can help us to stay positive, and how we can help them. It’s about keeping those people close and remembering that no matter how far you go on your own journey, those people held you down, and that’s a very real thing. My journey has taken me a lot of different places, often away from “the homies”, as one might say. So I felt it was important to do some reflecting in this video by revisiting those people/locations/feels, but also to keep pushing forward like I physically caaaaaan’t stop doing by bringing all these people together to form a super mega crew and creating an awesome new video to share with ya’ll in the process! That’s all I ever wanted <3

– Rick”


Listen to Ricky’s newest EP, Release and be sure to listen to Jeremy Zucker’s most recent EP, Motions.

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