The People Of VELD Music Festival

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The 5th annual music festival VELD took place last weekend located in Toronto, Canada. Downsview Park, the home of the event, was overflowing with people from all around the world to see Canadian superstar and VELD organizer Deadmau5, who impatiently awaits this event all year. Deadmau5 of Niagara Falls made sure to give his supporters exactly what they wanted. Headliners, including The Chainsmokers, Flume, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix and much more, created a bond between the festival goers that I have never seen before.

VELD is known as one of Canada’s premier dance music festivals, but the energy that the crowd emitted was unmatched by the majority of music festivals that I have attended. Local Canadians flooded the festival grounds, along with travelers from all around the world to have the time of their lives. From Australia to Germany, and Buffalo to California, the people of VELD could not wipe the smile off each other’s faces.

Despite the cancellation of day two in 2015, festival goers were ecstatic for the return of the event. Getting a chance to really interact with the people of VELD, it came to my attention that the vast majority of the attendees I spoke with are returning for their third, fourth, and even fifth year in a row. Along with both stages, the Terra stage and Mainstage, a Ferris wheel, water slide, and numerous food and entertainment vendors helped kept the crowd fueled and entertained all weekend long.

An awesome weekend called for unforgettable moments. Mid Sunday, the music paused. As white confetti flew, Carly said yes to Luke’s proposal which took place on the main stage. This was only one of many unforgettable moments. Conversations throughout the weekend made it clear the people that are to the left, right, front, and behind of each other are more than just strangers listening to artists such as ATTLAS. Every encounter called for a new friendship throughout the weekend. It seemed as if a giant ball of positive energy had an ongoing release throughout the weekend.

Despite the minimal rain on Sunday morning, Vendors such as Jägermeister handed out ponchos to customers ($10 a beer paid for that). Overall, the people of VELD convinced me that this will not be my only and last time taking an eight-hour drive to Toronto. When the stars align like they did last weekend, you can bet that myself and 60,000 anxious people will be right back in Toronto at Downsview Park.

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Joseph Cassano

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  1. Awesome Article! Makes me want to go the next VELD!! Keep us updated, Joe, maybe we’ll have a wagon train to Toronto. LOL

  2. got a few pics with my friends here and was told I could find them on this website!! where would that be? love the second pic, I’m in it too

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