A New Approach to The Chainsmoker’s All We Know

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Trevor Christensen, better known as Said The Sky, released a revitalized version of the Chainsmokers’ “All We Know” yesterday. With so many Chainsmokers remixes coming out recently, this one really finds a way to stick out. His future bass vibe paired with the uplifting lyrics gives a happy-go-lucky feeling that is unbeatable. This is not the first time he has portrayed this soft-hearted, melodic style in his music. Trevor takes pride in his music being a true experience for the listener. This creates plenty of emotions that we do not want anyone to miss out on.

Said The Sky has many other great songs, and if you find a particular liking to this one, you should check out his Soundcloud! Trevor has shown that he can produce many different styles of music, anywhere from this melodic future bass to thrashing dubstep. If you like this track give him a follow and start supporting his music! We NEED more producers like Said The Sky!

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