Mleo Created an Entertaining and “Ridiculous” New Music Video

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“Ridiculous” is not just the name of the song to Mleo’s new music video, but also the perfect descriptor of this video. Seeing each of the band members in animal masks foolishly attempting to win over the lead singer was one of the most entertaining music videos I have seen all of 2015.

Mleo is a young, up and coming pop-alternative group out of Los Angeles with musical talent beyond their years. Audrey Reed, the lead vocalist of the group, has an incredibly unforgettable voice that will leave you stunned by the end of this video. The layering of two separate tracks of vocals towards the end of the song makes for an absolutely unforgettable singing performance. Other members in the group include Victor San Pedro on guitar, Nick De La O on bass, and Elias Vasquez on drums. Each of these members brings incredible and raw music talent to the table which is evident after hearing “Ridiculous”. The group plays so well together and have a created a fantastic sound as a result.

It appears as though the members of Mleo are having a great deal of fun in this new video which foreshadows great success for the pop-alternative group. A chemistry like that is hard to come by in this day and age of music so the future looks very bright for Mleo. Check out the entertaining new music video, “Ridiculous”, below!

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