Madeon Releases Debut Full-Length, “Adventure”

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Okay so I just bobbed my head at roughly 128bpm for an hour and twenty-two minutes.

Madeon, Madeon, Madeon. I remember seeing him in 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio for Identity Festival. I was with my homies James Ruehlmann (Mutrix) and Misha and Adam of Fist In The Air. Madeon was only seventeen years old and when he dropped “The City” the entire crowd (pathetic in size though it was, being in Cincinnati… seriously there were like 1,200 people there lol) felt something together. Maybe that’s what it was – togetherness.

One word always comes to mind whenever I write about Madeon, and that word is FEELS. And folks, “Adventure” got da FEELS.

adventureNot only is “Adventure” packed with glorious happy house feels, it also boasts a myriad of A-list features including Passion Pit on “Pay No Mind” and Mark Foster of Foster the People on “Nonsense“.

The record is available on iTunes with both a twelve track standard and an eighteen track deluxe edition and can be streamed below via Spotify.

Key Tracks: “Nonsense (Feat. Mark Foster”, “Pay No Mind (Feat. Passion Pit)” & “Home”.


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