Machine Gun Kelly Dropped A New Mixtape, ‘Fuck It’

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Machine Gun Kelly dropped a new mixtape a few days ago with nine new tracks from the Cleveland MC, because ‘Fuck It’. After two full listens through, this is a very solid mixtape. MGK is really putting out some quality music these days and is only getting better. He’s spitting over better beats, throwing down better lyrics, and what really makes the difference is his flow. His flow has improved dramatically and is allowing him to become a much more versatile rapper.

While getting a new surprise mixtape from MGK is an awesome thing, it is somewhat bitter sweet. Unfortunately, opposite of what many speculated, this is not a mixtape composed of songs that didn’t make the album cut. According to Machine Gun Kelly, he dropped this mixtape full of songs that are all album-quality records, because he is frustrated with the label. The label seems to want a radio record before ‘General Admission’ receives a firm release date. This probably means we won’t be seeing MGK’s sophomore album until after the Summer. In the mean time, check out the dope new mixtape, ‘Fuck It’!

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