Look What Joey Found: Influential Wax On Wednesdays Vol. 21

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BIG week, guise! BIG week!

Well, by now it is Wednesday and you’re ready for your ‘Wax’ but right now it’s Monday and I’m really being responsible. You see, I usually write this piece late Tuesday nights while I’m highly medicated, HOWEVER, this week I am writing the Wax on Monday night. Gotta be aheadadagame.

Why? I’LL TELL YOU WHY. Because Tuesday (instead of writing) I am fortunate enough to be guest listed to see the debut performances of INGLSH and PIONEAR @ House of Blues on Sunset – opening for Tokio Hotel‘s FIA Tour!

SO when you are done reading this, go peep the re-cap of THAT show! I’ll try to have it up by late Wednesday night!

ALSO – We’ve been approved for press coverage and I’ll be heading to HARD Summer on August 1st & 2nd in Pomona, California and representing Casulin! Look out early next week for a dope EXPERIENCE PIECE! Interviews are already lining up so it should be noyce!

Ok. Ready for ‘Wax’?

K. Me too.

11798205_10205640071336028_1632957312_n Death Cab For Cutie – “Plans”

Heartstrings, man. “Marching Bands Of Manhattan”, “Soul Meets Body”, “Summer Skin”, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, “Crooked Teeth”… Are you KIDDING ME?! 2005. Arguably the best Death Cab album.

Just straight up raw emotion. This one is good for chillin, breakups, bedtime, smoke sesh, pondering life or just those times where you just wanna be sad as f*** and cry a little bit.

You know you have those times. Go cry. It’s a good f***ing record. Ben Gibbard is a G and they are on their last tour before they are gone. Go see them if you can. And buy THIS record. Or Transatlanticism. Because their new one blows.

Narrow Stairs was ok.

The Shins – “Wincing The Night Away”11798293_10205640071176024_1686306000_n

James Mercer. Songwriter extraordinaire.

Readership I assume is on the younger side but millenials no less, so I’m sure we all got into The Shins when Natalie Portman swore they’d change our lives in “Garden State”...

Yes, “New Slang” and “Caring Is Creepy” the corner gems of that ROBUST soundtrack. Thank you, JD from Scrubs for breaking this one!

Lol. Reference central. Anyway this record is the tits. Some great tracks. Some soothing, some eerie, some happy, some wanting. And this was definitely the era that lead James into his funkier $h!t – Broken Bells with Dangermouse.

Anyway – sick summer jams yo. A true new classic.

11805784_10205640071016020_1207775551_nTame Impala – “Innerspeaker”

I can’t remember if I’ve done “Innerspeaker” yet or not. If I have already, I apologize. But also, if I have already I also DON’T apologize because this is a really chill LP.

I’ve always thought the vocalism on this one was very reminiscent of late 60’s Beatles. Conversely, the electronic aspect of the record is so buzzing and gives a nice dark undertone to the very chill and laid back stringy instrumental nature of the songs.

Collectively, the record flows, kinda just a 53 minute long floaty trip. The recordings are very vintage sounding. Raw instrumentation, a good clean mix but very analog nostalgic.

Killer record. For real. All tracks are key tracks!

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