Look What Joey Found: Influential Wax On Wednesday Vol. 22 ‘RETURN OF THE WAX’

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RETURN OF THE WAX… Get it?! Photo: @releasethekritten


I’m back again guise! It’s been a pretty crazy month, but I’ve assembled an LA team here at Casulin, so get ready for more event coverage, more interviews and maybe even some guest-written volumes of ‘WAX’!

Should we really wait any longer than forty-seven words?

No. We shouldn’t. It’s good to be back. I’ve missed you all. (Sorry, that was sixty-one words).

Run The Jewels“Run The Jewels”11994391_10205946438235009_25004691_n   

If you have not listened to this 2013 gem, pause now, put that $h!t on and then continue reading. Killer Mike (emcee) and partner in jewel-running, El-P (emcee, producer) pack a gritty, and altruistic old-school take on hip hop!

This record is dark. It’s aggressive, a little bit f***ed up and pretty intense. Definitely not your every day hip hop… And thank your higher power for that. Mike and El-P have been working together ever since El produced Mike’s “R.A.P. Music” record after meeting, oddly enough, through mutual friends at Cartoon Network. Their cohesiveness is palpable. If ANYONE ever tries to stop them from making music together, then stop THAT person. Sheesh.

From critics and fans alike, RTJ received high praise and acclaim and holds true as one of Fool’s Gold Records‘ dopest releases.

Also, the re-issue pictured above comes with a fold-out poster, a patch and transparent-gold vinyl. Uhhh. Yeahhhh.

Forget a 5-Star system. ALL of the stars.

Wes Williams Band – “Live, Where It All Began”11999938_10205946437794998_1614743705_n

First off, let’s get one thing straight. Wes Williams is a gentleman. And a scholar.

WWB is a four-piece jam fest of some of the southwest’s most talented young men. The Prescott, AZ based group could convince you they wrote the book on southern soul.

Frontman – Louisiana-native, singer-songwriter and guitarist, Wes Williams – writes the good tunes. He puts his heart and soul into that guitar and his story is happily, sadly, boastfully, hilariously and sometimes deliriously told through his lyrics. A true Cunning Linguist… Tastefully mixing southern soul, jammy-jam stuff and good old fashioned rock’n’roll, the band holds high energy, forces dance and they love it. These boys are on the road all the time. And I NEVER miss an LA date.

Bringing it back to some roots-type-$h!t, WWB recently released a live cut from their favorite hometown venue, Brick & Bones (formerly known as Coyote Joe’s) in Prescott’s historic Whiskey Row district.

The record is loud and packed with hits. Got a boat? Lucky you – this is a perfect cut for that boat you @$$hole.

Word to the wise – WWB has several records out. Get them all. And for the love of soul, get to a show.

Barbarian Overlords – “Rise Up”11998316_10205946438195008_1271437720_n

Somewhere in between Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys, you will find BARBARIAN OVERLORDS – a four-top hailing from Los Angeles, CA.

Their second record, 2014’s “Rise Up”, comes in hot and it don’t stop.

Their game? Catchy riffs, raw, crunchy drums and guitar solos alike, and their frontman, Brent Nuffer (also of JETLEMONS and solo as Arthur Autumn) who’s got that perfect 70’s stadium-rock belting DOWN…

Seriously, if I didn’t know any better I’d think these guys were a classic rock gem that somehow slipped past me all these years.

The entire record is high octane. It’s loud. There’s distortion. Solos. Breakdowns. The works. It’s one of those albums that you put on while you’re trying to get something done around the house but end up just grabbing your Swiffer microphone and pretending to be a Barbarian Overlord all over your living room.

Disclaimer: Put this on and your fist will go straight up and it will stay up there until the last note. Careful to not strain your shoulder.

Key Tracks: ‘Hang Me From The Moon’, ‘Your Love Is Like Gasoline’ & ‘Ego Eye’




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