Kaytranada drops 99.9% follow up, The .001% ??? Mixtape

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Our favorite HW&W artist has given us what we’ve been waiting for. Kaytranada announced his plans for the .001% Mixtape back in May when he dropped his 80s revamp of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better”. 99.9%, Kaytranada’s debut studio album, recently won the 2016 Polaris Music Prize, beating out Grimes, Carly Rae Jepsen and more. If you don’t know already, this means he had the best album by a Canadian artist in 2016, pretty impressive. Well, the mixtape is out, and the name is almost exactly what he said it would be called, but with 3 question marks. We don’t know why. Listen below:

The 90 minute tape features tons of sample driven beats, Kaytranada originals, and even remixes of Chance The Rapper’s “All Night” and Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call”. This mixtape is a gold mine of funk and hip hop masterpieces, classic Kaytra stuff. Happy listening.

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