Kaskade’s “Something Something Champs” Receives An Official Release

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If you’re a Kaskade fan, you’ll recognize the sound of his mashup, “Something Something Champs”. The track has been a staple in his sets since its genesis, a combination of Moguai’s “Champs” and Kaskade’s own “Something Something”At one point, it was available for free download but ran into issues of legality and became stream-only.

Finally, it is available for purchase and Kaskade took to his Twitter page to send a message: Music at the top of the charts doesn’t have to be crappy ass bubblegum, rip off EDM, wannabe crap that always sits at the top. There is room for more.”

If you agree with his sentiment, believe that there is opportunity for “real music” at the top, stream the track below and support “Something Something Champs” by purchasing a copy.

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