We “Ain’t Gotta Lie”… Kaskade Made Our Day [Free Stems]

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Midway through last week, Kaskade took a stand against the outdated legal system governing music distribution and the labels that support the laws that bind artists. Currently between labels after the end of a longstanding partnership with Ultra RecordsRyan Raddon has made it very clear that the ball is in his court and that he’ll be playing by his own rules. Today, he dropped news bombs one after another via his TwitterFacebook and Billboard.

Previously only available on vinyl, Kaskade’s Redux EP will see its digital release on June 24th. I heard you guys. I get it. Tricky business trying to listen to vinyl on your iPod”, he wrote to fans on his Facebook page. He quickly followed this with the video for his newest single, “Ain’t Gonna Lie”, premiered on Billboard. Attendees of the 2014 leg of his Redux tour and Spark Run participants have already been given a taste of deCarl‘s soulful vocals paired with Kaskade’s classic Deep House production, now available for purchase on Beatport

But Raddon had one more trick up his sleeve. He swiftly referenced his Tumblr post in which he noted that Having the means to expose music to the masses is a deft tool to breathe new life into and promote a song. It’s the most compelling advertising, really”:

He is encouraging fans to download the stems for “Ain’t Gotta Lie” (hopeful that you’ll do so after purchasing, of course) and share their remixes using the hashtag #AintGottaRmx. He tweeted Music. Creativity. Sharing. Caring. That’s the prize”, telling fans “The gift goes both ways… I get to hear what u can do”. He proves a point, on his own terms: his music is about more than commercial and financial gain – it’s about a shared experience with his fans. 

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