IIIZ is a Funky New Band Combining Alternative and EDM

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Many fans on this site can benefit from inviting IIIZ into their lives. This band is a creative group of talented musicians combining the genres of alternative and EDM. This band is certainly going to be reached new creative heights in the foreseeable future, as they have already become the first band to perform EDM music live, as opposed to just a DJ. Led by lead singers Van Winkle and Mari, this band is posed for infinite success. The vocals are enriched by the high energy sound provided by the bass player, Jacob and drummer, Ross.

This group of teenagers that make up IIIZ just released their self-titled album which has an incredible high energy sound that cannot be easily replicated. This is a blend of genres that is unique to IIIZ and cannot be heard anywhere else at the moment. The intro track demonstrates the success the band is bound to attain with a feature by none other than Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. It is very clear that this group is all about creating an electronic, EDM-type, sound and vibe with live instrumentation and singing.

An incredible demonstration of the upbeat electronic sound created by IIIZ on their self-titled album is heard on “Sugar”. The bass and drums immediately create a fast-pace instrumental with positive vibes. Van Winkle and Mari quickly join in, playing their vocals off of one another, with incredible youth and talent. Van Winkle’s vocals over the chorus creates a strong, and catching sound that you can’t get out of your head.

One song that really stuck out to me was “The Analyst”. This track really turned me onto this group entitled IIIZ and reminded me of one of my favorite alternative bands from years ago. The sound created on “The Analyst” is very reminiscent of the band, The Killers. I don’t believe I have heard a band full of this much youthful energy and talent since The Killers. Not only is this band full of a fantastic alternative/EDM upbeat sound, but they create interesting concept ideas on the album as well.

Be sure to stream the entire album for free on soundcloud!

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