Gramatik hits Royal Oak on World Tour

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I had the opportunity to witness Gramatik, Big Wild and Branx bring down the house on the Epigram World Tour! These live electro-soul shows don’t come around often to places like Royal Oak, Michigan, so the crowd was loving it until the final note.

Branx opened up the night to a smaller crowd, letting his signature style of future funk prepare the crowd for the night ahead. He played tracks produced with Exmag, Russ Liquid and Gibbz, all familiar names that fit under Gramatik on the usual bill. Next up was Big Wild. Relatively new to the scene, Jackson dropped an original track, “Aftergold” and a remix to GRiZ and Talib Kweli’s “For The Love”. Both of these tracks have made a lot of noise in the industry and most likely propelled him to this world tour opening spot. As the venue began to fill in, Big Wild began to play his big hits. Overlaying Jay-Z rap vocals on his original instrumentals as he smacks his drum pad and riffs on the piano. There was a ton of energy in his performance and the crowd had no choice but to dance along! Closing with his new remix of “Show Me Love”, Big Wild did a fantastic job of opening for the headlining act.

Now there was no room to walk. As Big Wild exited the stage, the gaps between fans tightened, the cellphones came out aimed at the stage, and everything was silent. Denis strolled onto the stage as the epigram eye logo flashed and rotated on each of the disfigured screens. Gramatik was ready to perform, this time with a live guitarist. The hard electro vibes of “Corporate Demons” began to reverberate in the theater and right as the kick came in, the ground began to shake. Everyone was dancing no matter how much space they had and no one had fallen under the spell of their smart phones. What a glorious site to see at a concert. Weaving in and out of major remixes and originals, Gramatik had a way with the crowd. Whether he was changing the bpm, moving into more relaxed music or picking up the pace, everything worked. Thank you, Gramatik, for a beautiful exhibition on live performance and best of luck on the rest of the tour!


Check out our interview with Gramatik just a few short weeks ago here!

Listen to GramatikBig Wild, and Branx!


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