Grades – “King” (Aeble Remix)

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For whatever reason, many dance music videos always end poorly. Okay maybe not always, but many music videos in dance music pale in comparison to those in pop, hip hop, and rock. But this music video for “King” is one of the best I’ve seen this year, featuring killer dance moves, jordans, a mega buster, and the culmination of talent from Director Taichi Kimura, producer Takuma Hiramatsu and animation from Rapparu. It’s videos like these that remind me of how important a music video must complement the record.

With ‘King’, GRADES has done an incredible job reconstructing his influences from garage, house and R&B into a great house meets pop record. On the remix, Aeble, a young up and comer from the Brighton, stripped down the original into a more laid back drum and bassline focused vibe which I personally enjoy more than the original. You can pre- King on iTunes here,

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