NEW Gigamesh Release – Time Travel, Volume I!

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Matthew Thomas Masurka, better know as Gigamesh, just released a new album, Time Travel, Volume I, creating the perfect setlist to help us all hold on to whatever’s left of summer and jam out into the fall! This project is aptly named, as the Minneapolis-based DJ and producer is known for his bounty of remixes and productions that effortlessly transport the listener from one era to another. From his edit of “Dreams”, which gives new life to the Fleetwood Mac classic, to his take on the 1979 dance anthem “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer, Gigamesh has successfully experimented with the melding of genres and trends, time and time again. Time Travel, Volume I is no exception to his delightfully diverse production style. This five track album features collaborations with a variety of artists, and seamlessly weaves together synth-pop, funk, disco, house, and much more as the listener is transported from song to song.

The album opens with “My Future Is Your Future”, a midtempo funky electro track and perfect pump up piece. The track gets increasingly more complex as Gigamesh layers on elements over the simple vocal cut, bassline, and drums, giving you the energy to dance the night away or finish a workout strong.

Next up is “Slow Love” featuring vocalist Caroline Smith. “Slow Love” is the type of song that could be the background to anything. From a Girls Night Out to a walk through the city to a drive to the grocery store, this upbeat melody and modern disco beat just makes you want to sing and dance with a smile across your face!

“Slow Love” leads into “I’d Do It Again” featuring Gavin Turek, a soon-to-be-classic house track. The simple lyrics and melodic keyboard over a bass and drum backbone with varying effects exemplifies the title of this album, with its current electro technique and vintage club roots.

“I’d Do It Again” fades into “History” featuring producer Damon C. Scott of Storm Queen fame, the breakout single of Time Travel, Volume I released earlier this year. This piece screams summer nights but will happily transition into fall from tailgates to club dates and more!

The album closes with “So Long”, a synthy dance track with a variety of effects and musical intricacies. It starts with a more typical upbeat house vibe rooted in a pulsing keyboard and simple drums, but the chorus features a funky halftime drop that pleasantly catches the listener off guard. Gigamesh’s investigation of tempos and energies in “So Long” is the perfect way to close out this album!

Time Travel, Volume I is loaded with catchy choruses and groovy beats produced in a myriad of styles. This project is an absolute feel-good piece that could be the soundtrack to everything from a cheerful clothing montage to a great night out! As Gigamesh draws upon different genres and eras to compose these pieces, he truly creates something for everyone to enjoy. Give Time Travel, Volume I a listen, and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned for the release of Time Travel, Volume II, and stay up to date on Gigamesh’s other happenings by following his Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter!

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