Gigamesh: Time Travel – Volume ii

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If you didn’t know, now you do. Gigamesh, the Minneapolis-based 3-time platinum-selling music producer and DJ is at it again with his recent album debut, Time Travel. His massive hit, “The Music” which appears on his latest album has already topped all of his Spotify charts nearing the 2 million mark. Casulin has been on board with Gigamesh since his 2012 Fleetwood Mac remix of “Dreams”. Working alongside artists such as Mike Posner and Outasight, Gigamesh has been proven worthy on numerous occasions. A style of music has been created that is without question his own. A bonus tune was also released with the album which is absolutely amazing! There’s not much more to say other than if you haven’t heard Gigamesh yet, it’s time to find your new favorite artist. Check him out on all platforms, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple music, and soon enough, the radio.

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