Your Last Hurrah For Summer: Elements Festival

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Before you throw in the towel on a wild and crazy festival season, and prepare your phone with hundreds of blurry but “amazing” photos to show your friends at work or school in September, we’ve got one more you can’t miss. Elements Festival is in it’s 3rd year, and it’s going to be absolutely jaw dropping. Sure, we could run through the lineup and the can’t miss acts, but let’s talk about what people really look for in a festival besides the music: the people, the food, and the atmosphere.

The People – First of all, it will never get too packed. With all of the space the venue will surely have to offer, there will be plenty of room to dance as freely as you like. You can shuffle in a circle with your friends without being in ear shot of multiple stages. Does anyone really enjoy rubbing up against sweaty strangers trying to get closer and closer to the LEDs and pyrotechnics that end up just burning your face? Yea, didn’t think so.

The Food – Take a look at the flyer below, and tell us those vendors don’t look mouthwateringly appetizing. Some of our favorites? Bareburger and Bamboo Bites. Featuring some of the best custom burgers in the entire world, Bareburger will fill you up with organic, all natural food, leaving you ready to hit the dance floor without getting that post grub slump. Bamboo Bites will do the same with tons of bite size Asian cuisine options.

Elements Festival FOOD

The Atmosphere – There isn’t much to say considering the venue hasn’t been announced. But, if it’s anything like years past, it will be incredible. Elements Festival takes their theme (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) to an entirely new level. Using the Hudson River as a playground for Red Bull Wake Boarding Athlete, Steel Lafferty, is just one of the many installations used to embody what our elements have to offer. Check out the video below to get a taste of this years’ event:

This wouldn’t be a great festival preview if we didn’t talk about the killer lineup in store for this years’ festivities. Headlining this year is none other than Gramatik, the king of electronic funk jams. Alongside him will be the mysterious producer behind the pumping track in the video above, Claptone, Klingande and Mija. Other notable acts include Justin Jay and Oshi, two very different yet equally eccentric acts that round out the lineup quite nicely. It’s going to be a great day of beats, eats, and treats.

Click here to buy tickets and get ready for the best Saturday Brooklyn has ever seen!


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