DIM MAK: Big Night Out! Avalon Hollywood Hosts Botnek, Jacob Plant

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Los Angeles

It’s Friday night in Hollywood. It’s CONTROL @ Avalon. It’s Botnek w/ Jacob Plant. It’s a DIM MAK Big Night Out!

Out on the town with my PIC, Grotebles, and we started with some Panda Express… It was bound to be a good night. James Egbert kicked the night off at Avalon keeping the energy high – and you have to if you’re opening for Botnek and Jacob Plant. Those boys go in.

We had some time during Egbert’s set (sorry James, we saw most of it though!!!) to catch up with one of DIM MAK’s finest, Jacob Plant:


@LunchWithJoey: “Hunger” – your new single. Tell me about it.

Jacob Plant: “Well I made it at the beginning of the year… Went through a lot of different versions – Eventually I finished it, I never was thinking about putting it out really, was just a thought. I was just messing around, and I had some other stuff and sent it to my management but they said ‘oh we like this one, we wanna put this one out’ and I was like ‘OK’.”

– Plant is the most laid back dude. Possibly more Laid Back than Luke. He’s very matter-of-fact, and extremely humble for a bloke that can say “… and I sent [Hunger] to Calvin [Harris] and Steve Aoki for feedback as well”

@LunchWithJoey: You’ve done a lot of official remixes for big artists – what’s next?

Jacob Plant: “Tour dates in the States, some festivals in the UK and new [original] music – I’m holding off on remixes at the moment, really. Just gonna do a few here and there, I went through a phase of doing quite a lot. Don’t wanna do too many, ya know?!”

@LunchWithJoey: Anything else coming up you’re especially excited for?

Jacob Plant: Avalon tonight, Made in America and New Orleans – Voodoo Fest! Really looking forward to that! I’ve never been there. Is there good food there?!

I let Plant know the deal. Cafe du Monde, Frenchman street and to look out for the spicy food. At which he replied “Well we [in the UK] have spicy foods. We eat spicy curries!”

Jacob, next time I roll through the UK we’ll grab a curry fish, eh?!

But what a night we had! Botnek gave a ruthless 90 minute set to a thick LA crowd. Surprise guests, Kill The Noise and 3LAU rolled through to show their support throughout both Botnek and Plant’s sets. And beers were only $6.

Between the high caliber performances of both Botnek and Plant, the overall atmosphere and the hospitality that DIM MAK (always) shows, this was a Friday night done right – forever looking forward to the next DIM MAK Big Night Out!

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Botnek end their set with “Don’t Stop Believin'” Co2, confetti, love! Photo: @grotebles
Jacob Plant closing out the night super heavy at Avalon Hollywood. Photo: @LunchWithJoey




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