Danzfolk drop new track ‘Cheyenne Indians’

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Canadian DJ duo, Danzfolk, has been on the come-up and under our radar for quite some time now. We have been following them over the last 6 months or so; it all started with the release of their ‘MYTHOS’ trilogy featuring songs such as Leviathan, Talos, and Osiris. Seen as the founders of the meticulous new dance music genre, Cinematic House, Joey and Devlin of Danzfolk are quickly making a name for themselves in this highly competitive industry.

About a month ago they announced the name of their newest project, “The Sand Creek Massacre,” and shortly there after they dropped the first volume of this new original series titled “Colorado Cavalry”. A few days ago they released volume 2, “Cheyenne Indians,” and things getting better and better. This song was named after a time during the Civil War when the Colorado Cavalry massacred the Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek, Colorado. It is a soundtrack that gives off a true feeling of war and adventure and it fits in perfectly with the songs backstory.

Take a listen to the track below and stay tuned for more information regarding the release of volume 3 of “The Sand Creek Massacre.” You can also grab a free download of this track by clicking on the button below!

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