The Chainsmokers Get A Bone Chilling Remix to Closer: Slushii’s Take

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Not long ago The Chainsmokers took the world by storm with their hit single, “Closer.” This is a song that is absolutely everywhere. May it be on the radio, a college frat party, a high schooler’s room, or even a big festival, “Closer” has been hard to miss. The impeccable lyrics by Halsey and The Chainsmokers own, Andrew Taggart, make for the creation of plenty of renditions of the song. Who better to give a remix than one of the biggest up and coming electronic artists, Slushii. Although he’s only 19 years old, he has gained support from the likes of Marshmello, Mad Decent, and OWSLA. But, according to his listeners, he has come out of nowhere. Slushii, or Julian Scanlan, is a DJ and producer, creating waves in the dubstep, future bass, and trap genres. His diverse production makes each remix unique, surprising, and most importantly, exciting.


Famous for other Soundcloud remixes such as “I Want You to Know,” by Zedd as well as Ookay’s “Thief,” it is no surprise that a “Closer” remix excited the masses. Slushii starts by chilling out the vibe of the song. He comes in with his defined harmonious melody, which leads into smooth piano chords that mesh perfectly with Halsey’s voice in what was the original second verse. He then begins to pick up the vibe with a smooth, yet classic drumbeat containing his signature snare hit. As the original pre chorus begins, he scraps what he had and throws in a marching snare to progress toward the climax. He shows his diverse creativity when it finally drops. Right in the feels, he hits a smooth future bass synth that you cannot help but sway to.

The young producer does not give much of a break, taking Drew’s lyrics in the bridge to build it right back up. Isolating the iconic lyrics with the marching snare once again, he keeps Halsey and Drew singing throughout the second drop. This decision makes the remix that much better. He combines the chill vibes of his original drop with the incredibly catchy lyrics, sending the song to its finale. As the lyrics continue with Halsey’s incredible vocal cuts in the background, everything drops except the original piano chords. Then, as Slushii lets you hang on the light hearted “We ain’t never gettin’ older,” he exits with a melodic piano.

Slushii is an incredibly dynamic DJ and producer and clearly has a fantastic future ahead. Take a listen to his remix above and check out his Soundcloud here! Cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next!

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