Bingo Players Celebrates 10 years with Fuck Cancer

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Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bäumer once ruled the main stage of numerous festivals across the world as The Bingo Players. Their singles, “Cry (Just A Little)” and “Rattle” could be heard across the globe on stage, in the club, or in every bedroom of young EDM lovers. As their biggest year in music continued in 2013, Paul announced his cancer diagnosis, leading to multiple missed festival appearances. And, as the year came to a close, Paul Bäumer tragically passed away, leaving Bingo Players to Maarten.  Throughout the year, DJs from around the globe publicly paid their respects to Paul, an innovator and star in the industry.

Well, Maarten and Fuck Cancer have teamed up to celebrate the legacy of Bäumer, their late super duo, and most importantly, to raise a ton of money for cancer research. If there is one tour you should hit this fall, it’s this one. Not only will the show be a great showing of a unique brand of electro house, but it will be in support of a great cause. Check out the video below to get excited.

The tour will start in November in the EDM capital of the world, Miami. After a jam packed month of 13 shows, it will conclude in Atlanta at The Gold Room on December 3rd. Check out the flyer below and click here to get your hands on presale tickets to benefit cancer research and have a great time in the process.

Bingo Players Tour


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