Billionaire Buck releases a PSA Record Declaring Death of the Red Cup In “F*ck A Cup”

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Billionaire Buck continues to release more and more hot new material without breaking stride over the past several weeks. While currently on the Score college tour, the Compton recording artist drops a heavily high energy influenced record entitled, “F*ck A Cup”. No pouring, it’s all about turning over the bottles on this record. Buck also bring along fellow West Coast recording artists Young Lawless and Gold to take the party to the next level. Grab a bottle of your finest and crank this up to the max. Buck’s next project; ‘Hustler of the Year’ has emerged as a highly-anticipated heading into 2015.

Oliver Dumoulin

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Oliver Dumoulin

UX design intern, student at SCAD, creative director of Knacks and founder of Casulin.

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