Big Gigantic Ends Their Tour with a Bang

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The extravagant Big Gigantic Spring Tour has come to an end. But that just means that Rowdytown 5 is right around the corner. Luckily, we had the chance to get up close and personal for the final stop on the tour. With support from anonymous newcomer, Marshmello, and Louis The Child, this show was sure to leave everyone with a great feeling about Red Rocks.

The night started with minimal lighting in the grand ballroom of Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple as the boys of Louis The Child wooed the crowd with their future bass reworks of popular hip hop and rap songs.  As the set came to a close, the building itched with anticipation for Marshmello. As he’s only been touring for around 2 years, this was his first time in Detroit, and most likely the first time many in the crowd had seen him. After 30 minutes of his signature heaven trap, it was time for the first surprise guest… Detroit natives and legendary hip hop group, D12!

Marshmello and D12

Finally, it was time for Dom and Jeremy to show the young guns how it was done. Before they were even in sight, you could hear Dominic ripping on his saxophone. Serenading and building anticipation from the crowd. Big Gigantic opened with their killer spin of a classic, “I Need a Dollar”, and it only went up from there. It was time for the next special guest, All Good resident guitarist, Muzzy Bear. The highlight of the set, besides their originals of course, had to be their rendition of Knife Party’s, “Bonfire”. And finally, to end the night, Dom and Jeremy brought out Marshmello and Muzzy to play a few unreleased tracks that would get any music fan excited.


After a well deserved final roar of the crowd, the guy played their new remix of Major Lazer’s “Waves” and of course, their beautiful new single, “The Little Things”. The spectacular night ended with Big Gigantic coming into the photo pit to sign hats, t shirts, bodies, anything that fans could get their hands on. An amazing way to end the tour and get ready for the festival circuit – check out some photos from the event below!

If you want to reserve your spot early for Rowdytown 5 at Red Rocks, buy a ticket here!

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